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Welcome to the Global Working Wiki


Global Working is about combining work and travel. Global Workers use their valuable time to gain knowledge and inspiration by experience, to make something out of that, alone or together, and at the same time to make at least enough money to compensate travel expenses. Some may experiment with this life style only for a couple of weeks, other's may lead it for years.


See also: Global Working NING community





What follows are some scenarios conerning combining work and travel. Work is always work on the Net, in the IT sector.


  • Travel around with a bus or mobile home.


  • Travel around individually, or in small group, and meet fellow coworkers/barcampers from time to time, for periods from a couple of hours up to a couple of weeks. Meeting points may be decided upon on an ad hoc basis, or they may be stationary coworking places. Concerning mobile Barcamps: The idea is to get in touch with locals and - in compressed time - exchange knowledge, hold courses, establish contacts. Such a camp may be organized in a mere couple of days, and it may last from a couple of hours to a couple of days.





Some reasons to combine work and travel.


  • Enjoy.


  • Look for inspiration.


  • Spread knowledge.


  • Live liberty.


  • (save cost)


  • company incentive trips





Add pointers or summaries concerning stories and experience in the list below.



Routes and places


Propose travel routes and nice places below, be they in remote or highly industrialized areas of this planet.




  • Plazes.com: Overview over places, infrastructure, etc..




  • (Geek Cruises - Book a cruise and hang out with other geeks while learning about high tech.)





How to find each other, and how to organize mobile Barcamps and ad hoc Coworking.


  • This wiki.



  • Couch Surfing: A project where people can offer and find private accomodation and travel partners.



  • roadbeat.com: Upcoming social network for independent travellers (as of April 2007)


  • dopplr.com:


  • Frappr.


  • Twitter.



  • ecademy.com


Internet access


What follows is an overview over Internet access possibilities in various region in the world.


  • Plazes.com: Overview over Internet access in certain areas.


  • 3G (UMTS) around the world. Where does one get cards


  • Satellite access (BGAN, etc.)


  • Analog modem access


  • Wifi


    • [FON:http://www.fon.com/]


Making a living


How to make a living while on the road. Some scenarios:


  • Remote working. Use sites such as oDesk.com or your business relations to get projects to work on while on the road and to make some money with.


  • Manage your own "virtual" company, which is actually like remote working except that you're your own boss.


  • Build business networks for pay. Establish contacts to locals, and show them how they can make money on the net, coach them, train them. This could be done e.g. by holding mini BarCamps. Become e.g. an affiliate of oDesk which is always looking for qualified workers in remote places. Keyword: Outsourcing.


  • Write your travel diary, documentation, and get paid for that.


  • Be a travel guide, and get paid.





Where to find accomodation.


  • Private accomodation


    • Couch Surfing: A project where people can offer and find private accomodation.



  • Hotels


    • Plazes.com


    • Many sites on the internet such as bookings.net.


  • Backapackers places




Working places


Where to find places to work.


  • Ad hoc (co)working places which may be anywhere, e.g. on the beach, on a mountain, etc.). Challenge: Find coworkers. How? We've a networking problem here.


  • In the train, on the airplane, etc.


  • Place of accomodation (hotel, hostel, etc.)






About ad hoc BarCamps.


  • Primarily interesting for remote areas.


  • Partner with schools, universities, companies. All that's needed is some room and some interesting people, eg. students.


  • Goals: Spread knowledge, get input, find partners.




Random ideas, info


Anything on your mind, put it below.


  • Get in touch with Universities in remote areas for holding Barcamps.


  • On CouchSurfing.com, people can enter info concerning sharing knowledge (teaching, learning, etc.) - looks interesting!

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