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Global Working is about combining work and travel. Global Workers use their valuable time to gain knowledge and inspiration by experience, to make something out of that, alone or together, and at the same time to make at least enough money to compensate travel expenses. Some may experiment with this life style only for a couple of weeks, other's may lead it for years.


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What follows are some scenarios conerning combining work and travel. Work is always work on the Net, in the IT sector.







Some reasons to combine work and travel.











Add pointers or summaries concerning stories and experience in the list below.



Routes and places


Propose travel routes and nice places below, be they in remote or highly industrialized areas of this planet.











How to find each other, and how to organize mobile Barcamps and ad hoc Coworking.












Internet access


What follows is an overview over Internet access possibilities in various region in the world.








Making a living


How to make a living while on the road. Some scenarios:










Where to find accomodation.











Working places


Where to find places to work.









About ad hoc BarCamps.







Random ideas, info


Anything on your mind, put it below.